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Shares Of Software Provider HubSpot (HUBS) Risen 159% This Year

Despite COVID-19, provider of the cloud software for marketers HubSpot Inc. (HUBS) showed promising dynamics in 2020. The shares have risen by 159 percent since the beginning of the year, to $410.92 when trading on December 23, and growth will continue in 2021.

Increased demand for its digital marketing services has allowed HubSpot to make profit. The growth variables were the crisis of COVID-19 and the U.S. presidential election. The business was able to raise the number of clients dramatically. It rose by 39 percent year-on-year in the third quarter. Revenue rose 31.6 percent over the same period and earnings hit $0.28 per share.

The pandemic has given the digital transformation in marketing a heavy impetus. In an effort to sustain business and draw new customers, several small and medium-sized enterprises have switched to the Internet.

Moreover, HubSpot has started to broaden its solution portfolio. Today, the company not only sells software for digital marketing channels, but also offers a range of tools for customer relationship management. The HubSpot platform will combine essential elements such as marketing, sales automation, accounting, etc. into a single business management complex with the corporate platform.

At present, Hubspot shares are costly. However, with modest debt of $474 million, the company maintains revenue efficiency, operates under favorable patterns and has a cash balance of more than $1.2 billion. HubSpot will retain the positive momentum the following year and continue the growth of stock.

HubSpot Inc. (HUBS) was stable on Wednesday but the gain over the week was 8 percent while that rises to nearly 11 percent over the month. The value company has added to its shares over the quarter is 45 percent whereas the gain reaches to 85 percent in the past 6 months. The company currently has market capitalization of more than $18 billion.

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