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Bit Brother (BETS) Stock Rising Today: Why?

Bit Brother Limited (NASDAQ: BETS) is experiencing a notable surge in its stock price, climbing by 76.40% to reach $3.14 in pre-market trading. That followed a previous session dip of 8.72% to $1.78 in BETS stock. This surge lacks a clear catalyst in terms of

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Why Is Bitcoin Depot (BTM) Stock Up Trending Today?

Bitcoin Depot Inc. (NASDAQ: BTM) shares have experienced a notable surge in recent trading sessions, exhibiting a 3.80% increase to reach $2.74 at the latest market assessment. This uptrend aligns with the unfolding expansion initiative declared by Bitcoin Depot, emphasizing the company’s commitment to strategic

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What is Alchemy Pay (ACH) & why is it surging?

Alchemy Pay (ACH) started off on an uptrend during the weekly timeframe. The uptrend could not be sustained into the week but after a few minor breaks, the token resumed its trajectory. During the past twenty-four hours, cryptocurrency has increased by 38%. The daily trading

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Technical Analysis (YFI)

Yearn Finance native coin (YFI) is a quite volatile coin in regards to its sudden and huge changes in momentum and volume. The price action on a daily time frame is quite beautiful, but before jumping to that, let us talk about weekly and monthly

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Valve and Epic take opposite stance on NFTs

Valve is one of the most popular gaming platform that allows the distribution of the digital gaming industry. Valve hosts some of the biggest games in the industry and as such is a highly used platform. Different developers use the platform and upload their games

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TFUEL to become short term bullish before a big drop?

According to the monthly, weekly and daily, the TFUEL coin is quite bearish. Starting from the monthly, the price seems to have made a double top, a reliable one, as the second top of this pattern had a wicked which would have cleared the liquidity

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Decred (DCR) to become bullish again?

DCR according to the higher time frame is very bearish at the moment as much decrease in the coin value has been observed. on weekly time frame, a correction wave of the impulsive move is being observed which made all time high of this coin

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WOO – Is it time we get bearish?

WOO Network has been quite bullish over the last period of time. Checking the monthly time frame first, gives an idea that bullish momentum is in control as for the past 2 months market has been creating bullish candlesticks. Moving to the weekly, much clearer

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Icon (ICX) and what to expect of it

At the time of writing ICX is being traded at the rate of $2.043 with a decrease of 0.10% within the last 24 hours. The low within this tenure was around $1.947 and high was approximately $2.159. The coin as being in the watchlist of