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CRSR Stock Got Investors Attention: Corsair Gaming (CRSR) Recently Won A Patent

Corsair Gaming Inc. (NASDAQ: CRSR) recently won a patent. The news led to an almost 12% rise in share prices in trading on February 3. Stocks of the company last traded at a premium of 5.00% and were as high as $46.70 on the 4th of February. The last trading session saw a range of prices between $43.71 and $46.70. CRSR stock of the company is trading below the $40.75 target price by 9.4%. The company now has a market cap of $4.18 billion.

According to the US court, Valve violated Corsair Gaming’s patent rights through the distribution of games. According to the court’s verdict, Valve intentionally violated Corsair’s technology patents with the Steam Controller. The sensor plates on the device are arranged to control the middle and ring fingers of each hand.

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While investors of Corsair Gaming (CRSR) react emotionally to the court case’s decision, it can be considered overblown. Compared to the company’s annual revenue of $1.47 billion, the designated damage amount of about $12 million is a trivial amount. Corsair Gaming’s precedent, in this case, is likely to enable the company to win over other similar patent infringers in the future.

Corsair Gaming (CRSR)has gone public since September 2020. The company’s share price has soared by three times since then. Video game addicts, and professional Esports players, use gaming computers, software, and peripherals that the company sells on its own brand. As per Corsair Gaming, its gaming peripheral market share is approximately 18% in the US and about 42% in the PC component market. Several patents have been obtained by the company, and it has distribution channels in more than 75 countries and thousands of online stores. It prospers and grows in the promising Esports market. The company often releases new products and consistently earns headlines, attracting attention.

Looking At CRSR Stock Recent Market Performance

RSI stands for Relative Strength Index and it is used as a standard oscillating index by investors and retail traders alike. The RSI works on a scale of 0 to 100, with its values in a range-bound space. RSI lines that rise indicate that shares are showing strength. The opposite is true when the RSI line begins to fall. Several time periods may be looked at when using an RSI indicator. The RSI can be more volatile when using shorter time frames. On the RSI scale, traders often focus between 30 and 70. Shifts above 70 are frequently taken as evidence that a stock has reached overbought territory. Moreover, a drop below 30 indicates that the stock may be oversold. Traders often use these levels to predict reversals in stock prices. Stock traders have taken a renewed interest in Corsair Gaming (CRSR). The 14-day RSI is currently 63.81%, and the 9-day and 20-day RSI are 69.53% and 61.03% respectively.

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