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Capricor Therapeutics Inc. (CAPR) stock surges in the current market trading. What has happened?

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Capricor Therapeutics Inc. (CAPR) stock gains by 10.64% at last check in the current market trading after CAPR announced that they have signed a significant agreement with Johns Hopkins University. Capricor Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that develops transformative cell and exosome-based therapies and vaccinations for the cure and prevention of a wide range of diseases.

What is happening?

The CAPR reported today that they have entered into an exclusive, international contract for vaccine and therapeutics exosomes as one of CAPR’s exposome technology portfolios with Johns Hopkins University (JHU). Capricor has been given unique, worldwide rights to JHU’s co-owned interest in an intellectual property mentioned in the licensed patent applications, allowing Capricor to create, produce, and commercialize IP relating to exosome technology for applications for both vaccine and therapeutic areas, with the option to sublicense. The intellectual property connected with the patent applications protected by the deal is co-owned by Capricor.

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Capricor and Stephen Gould, Ph.D., who acts as Capricor’s executive consultant, performed a comprehensive preclinical study to find the approved technology. Dr. Gould, a Professor of Biological Chemistry at JHU, is an internationally known exosome specialist who brings to Capricor’s exosome-based research and development programs an unprecedented knowledge of exosome engineering.

Linda Marbán CEO, Capricor Therapeutics commented:

Capricor will be able to expand their engineered exosome platform technology due to this unique license agreement with JHU. CAPR is working to improve this platform so that it can efficiently deliver nucleic acids or proteins into cells and drive the expression of functional proteins. This agreement is a major step forward towards the progress of CAPR. Also, CAPR believes that this latest application technology has the potential to expand into disease areas with a high unmet medical need.

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