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AstroNova, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALOT) Earns Airbus Tier 1 Supplier Status for Flight Deck Printers on the Airbus A320 Family of Aircraft

AstroNova, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALOT) has been awarded a contract to supply printers to Airbus aircraft. The company has created a line of specialized equipment which ensures sustainable sales.

AstroNova, Inc. (ALOT) is now a tier 1 supplier for the aviation concern Airbus. This is a project to supply the A320 aircraft with PTA-45B printers. These small printers can be placed in the cockpit and used to print paper charts and tables. Additionally, these printers are capable of printing boarding passes and other information.

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In 2017, AstroNova acquired the right to manufacture compact printers from Honeywell. Since then, it has supplied printers to Airbus, but now AstroNova, Inc. (ALOT) has been raised to maximum status – for this to happen, the company must officially meet all the requirements, including after-sales service. ALOT is already a Tier 1 supplier for several leading aircraft manufacturers, including Boeing, Gulfstream, Embraer, Dassault Aviation, and Lockheed Martin.

AeroNova also makes measurement equipment for transportation, industry, power, aviation, and aviation printers. Since 1996, the company has operated in this market. Additionally, AstroNova produces a line of desktop printers for printing stickers, labels, and decals.

AstroNova is generating sustainable revenue, and the company’s growing position in the aviation components market represents a positive signal for investors.

The price of ALOT shares has risen by 41% since the beginning of the year, reaching $15 at closing on July 14. The company’s market value reached 109.95 million.

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