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What News is Causing a decrease in ArcelorMittal (MT) Stock Price?

ArcelorMittal (MT) experiences a decline of 8.22% in the premarket after MT joins Breakthrough Energy’s Catalyst program as an anchor partner. However, the last trading session closed at $31.88 with a decline of 4.44%.

MT reported Breakthrough Energy’s Catalyst program

MT announced on 20th September 2021 that it has joined Breakthrough Energy’s Catalyst initiative as an anchor partner.

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Breakthrough Energy, founded by Bill Gates, is growing the technology required to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Investment vehicles, charitable programs, legislative lobbying, and other initiatives, such as Catalyst, are all part of Breakthrough Energy’s activities.

Catalyst is a new paradigm for how corporations, governments, and private charities may finance, manufacture, and secure widespread adoption of next-generation clean technology.

MT signs landmark agreement with Government of Liberia

MT signed an addendum to the Mineral Development Agreement on 10th September 2021. This agreement allows the Company’s mining and logistical activities in Liberia to expand.

With the MDA modification in place, ArcelorMittal Liberia will considerably increase premium iron ore output, resulting in considerable new jobs and broader economic benefits for Liberia.

The expansion project, which would include processing, rail, and port infrastructure, will be one of West Africa’s largest mining operations. Because the project is essentially a brownfield expansion, the capital necessary to complete it is anticipated to be around $0.8 billion.

The expansion plan calls for the building of a new concentration facility as well as a significant expansion of mining activities, with the first concentrate expected in late 2023 and production increasing to 15 million tonnes per year. The firm will have a reserve for growth of at least 30mt under the terms of the deal.

Designated person notification

On 24 August 2021, MT notified the availability of a notification of a share transaction by a Designated Person (i.e. Directors or Executive Officers) in the Luxembourg Stock Exchange’s electronic database OAM on ArcelorMittal’s website. The Significant Shareholder of ArcelorMittal has engaged in a share buyback agreement with ArcelorMittal to sell shares.

Société Générale SA shareholding notification

MT says that it received a shareholder notification from Société Générale SA on August 16, 2021. The announcement was issued to reflect Société Générale SA’s acquisition of a variety of financial instruments. Moreover, this notice is in accordance with Luxembourg legislation and Grand Ducal regulation of 11 January 2008.

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