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How Dash is Powering Easy Payment throughout the World

Cryptocurrency is definitely making a mark on digital work and is growing day and day. Every day millions of dollars and fiat currency is invested into the market. The purpose is to create a global payment system that is not limited due to the physical borders and places due to its decentralization. The problem is that currently the payment system isn’t cheap and costs a respectable amount while making transactions. Different projects are aiming to create a cheap, fast and secure blockchain network that is accessible to everyone. One such project is Dash.

Dash is an opensource block chain that is working to provide cheap, fast and secure payment methods that are decentralized in nature. Dash was launched in 2014 with the name XCOIN and then Darkcoin before becoming what it is now. The project first started to provide privacy to the transactions but since then it has grown to target the daily transactions. Since its start the project has grown a lot and now boast an average of about 21,000 transactions in a day and has a speed of about 1 second per transaction. The number of daily active addresses are about 90,800. Dash is run by masternodes that has a starting stake of 1,000 Dash.

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Dash can be used to pay for daily tasks ranging from paying bills, booking flights, hotels, groceries, business services and buying IT equipments. This means that the project is getting more and more attention and hence is getting more volume as more people are using it.

The native token of Dash ecosystem goes by the name of Dash itself. According to coinmarketcap the circulating supply is around 10.3M Dash and a maximum supply of 18.9M Dash. It is ranked 62 according to the market cap and has the market dominance of about 0.09%. At the time of writing, Dash is being traded at the price of $154.80 with an increase of about 1.60% in the past 24 hours. Dash made its All Time High at the price of $478 in May 2021. The price couldn’t be sustained and the monthly candle closed bearish with a drop of about 38.23%. This candle was big enough to cancel out completely what it had gained in the past month (which had an increase of 43.69%). The price created a bottom of about $101.7 during the crash in June 2021. This monthly candle is also in red with a drop of about 30.84%.

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