Biomerica, Inc. (BMRA) stock is soaring today: Why is it so?

Shares of the Biomerica, Inc. (BMRA) stock were soaring today following the announcement of its agreement with Walmart. BMRA stock price saw a surge of 34.22% to reach $6.00 a share at the time of this writing. The stock was gloomy in the previous trade and went down by 3.43% at closing. Let’s discuss BMRA stock in-depth and understand its recent events.

Biomerica, Inc is the medical stock that operates by developing, manufacturing, and marketing of therapeutics to treat medical conditions across the globe. The company is manufacturing diagnostics kits that analyze blood, urine, and fecal specimens to diagnose medical complications in patients.

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What’s Happening?

Biomerica recently announced that it has signed the General Merchandise Supplier Agreement with Walmart. According to the agreement, Biomerica stock will sell its EZ Detect™ colorectal disease screening test through the Walmart retail system. The first orders of the EZ Detect™ product have now been shipped to Walmart. Walmart has initiated the sale of products via its online sales channel since the beginning of this week.

BMRA stock is in the final stages of working with Walmart to sell and stock the EZ Detect product on the shelf in their stores. Moreover, the company is negotiating with many large other companies to distribute the EZ Detect™ product in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Previous Announcement by BMRA stock:

On August 30, 2021, BMRA stock announced the expectation of final patient enrollment for its endpoint clinical trial of InFoods® diagnostic-guided therapy (DGT). The DGT is meant to decrease irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms. BMRA stock expects the end of treatment of patients in the endpoint clinical trial by the end of October 2021. After the treatment, the trial team will save the data and perform statistical analysis. The stock expects to release efficacy results InFoods® IBS product by the end of this year.

BMRA stock launched the new Website for EZ Detect™ Colorectal Disease Screening Test:

Biomerica stock did announce the launch of its new website for its EZ Detect™ Colon Disease Test product at The information regarding treatment and detection of colorectal diseases including colon cancer is easily accessible. The stock is also promoting the EZ Detect™ product via digital health advertising and social media campaigns through its newly created website.


The Covid-19 has developed the habit of home diagnostic testing in consumers as they feel safer in performing these tests. Now many retailers around the globe are selling home health solutions and this growing trend has opened the door of opportunities for the Biomerica stock.

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