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INmune Bio, Inc. (INMB) experienced a downfall of 6.77% – What you should know!

INmune Bio, Inc. (INMB) saw a decline of 6.77% in the aftermarket. However, the last trading session closed at $20.38 with an increase of 4.94%.

Reduction in CSF Phospho-Tau and Evidence of Remyelination

On 1st September 2021, INMB announced that Alzheimer’s Patients Treated with INmune Bio’s XPro Show Reduction in CSF Phospho-Tau and Evidence of Remyelination. XProTM (pegipanermin) is the Company’s selective DN-TNF inhibitor candidate for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). It has been found to lower numerous species of Phospho Tau (pTau) and improve neuroimaging biological markers of myelination in patients with AD.

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These biomarker results come from the Company’s recently completed Phase 1 XProTM trial in Alzheimer’s patients. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease who received 1.0 mg/kg of XProTM once a week for three months had a 46 percent decrease in CSF. Current research suggests that pT217 has greater discriminative accuracy for the disease and a stronger connection with amyloidosis and cognitive deterioration.

INMB announces Biomarker Data

On 26th August 2021, INMB reported that the first patient who received INKmuneTM showed the NK activation and functional differentiation expected by prior in vitro studies. Firstly, to get from a resting state to initiating cytolysis and cytokine release, NK cells require several activating cues. INmune Bio has carefully researched these pathways and found that attaching INKmuneTM to NK cells offers numerous activation signals. Secondly, this causes resting NK cells to transform into memory-like NK (mlNK) cells with improved cancer-killing capability.

Thirdly, INKmuneTM treatment caused NK cell multiplication, with the amount of peripheral blood NK cells tripling. On days eight and 15, over 50% of the expanded NK cells exhibited an active profile (CD69+/CD25+), which rose to over 70% by day 29. Lastly, More than 80% of activated NK cells (CD57++, NKG2D+, NKG2A-ve, NKp46-ve) displayed markers associated with memory-like NK cells.

Second-quarter 2021 Financial Results

INMB announced second-quarter 2021 financial results on 4th August 2021. Following the end of the second quarter, the company received $36.9 million in net funds from a registered direct offering. They also got $15.0 million in net proceeds through ATM sales of our common stock. Also, INMB signed a $15 million credit agreement with Silicon Valley Bank. This was to partially support the buyout of an option held by Xencor.

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