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Were There Any Significant Reasons Why The MSTO Stock Increased 11% Last Session?

The share price of Masterbeat Corp (OTCPk:MSTO) increased 11.11 percent on Thursday and has been trading in a range of $0.0036 to $0.0040 all day. During the last month, MSTO stock surged over 8.11%; with monthly trading volume over 20.91 million shares. MSTO stock gained 33.33% over a three-month period, while its average volume was 22.48M shares.
With a stock price gain of 42.86% in the last 12 months and a market cap of $2.91M, the MSTO stock has seen good days in the last 12 months. MSTO stock climbed after the company’s subsidiary launched its retail segment on a major international e-commerce site.
Which MSTO subsidiary joined the platform?
Under Delaware law, MasterBeat is a publicly traded company that specializes in hard, tangible asset acquisitions, with an emphasis on real estate, precious metals, and other tangible assets. In a market with fragile earnings multiples and uncertainty, MSTO believes that its new approach to an old school model to acquire hard, tangible assets will not only deliver long-term capital appreciation but also revenues, profits, and self-sustainability
MasterBeat recently announced that its subsidiary JTEC AutoWorld has launched an online Auto Parts platform at www.ebay.com/usr/jtecauto that includes Ebay-branded retail. MSTO’s sales, marketing and exposure strategy will be accelerated as JTEC launches its automotive online platform(s) and uses Amazon, eBay, and other platforms to improve the online experience and increase profits.
In addition to developing www.JTECAUTOWORLD.COM for the automotive industry, MSTO subsidiary has been coordinating the development of Angie’s List and Home Advisor for the automotive industry, which function as a one-stop online platform for car buyers and sellers. MSTO expects the site to be fully operational by the first quarter of 2022.
On the JTEC website:
• As part of its “New and Used Cars” online platform segment, JTEC Auto World delivers user-friendly tools to both buyers and sellers in order to enhance the car buying and selling experience. This includes original and re-listing options, as well as custom research capabilities.
• JTEC offers the tools required for consumers, whether buyers or sellers, to make educated buying or selling decisions with confidence.
• A user can find new or used auto parts and accessories for their vehicle on JTEC Auto World’s “New and Used Auto Parts and Accessories” section.
• Featuring over 12 million part numbers and over 13,000 manufacturer lines, JTEC’s new Auto Parts E-Catalog System is provided by Epicor.
• With JTEC’s E-Catalog System, used auto parts suppliers, salvage yards, insurance companies, and retailers will be able to find parts through a custom-designed software program that will be distributed throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
• Keeping car owners connected with local auto service providers is the primary objective of JTEC’s Automotive Technician and Services Directory.
How will MSTO’s subsidiary succeed?
In keeping with JTEC’s seamless one-stop experience, the Auto Technician and Services Directory will include research tools that will provide users with information on average repair costs, common troubleshooting problems, and vehicle/part dependability. As well, consumers will be able to browse prescreened warranties, extended warranties, and other services.

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