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Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Brave browser

In a world where everything is being tracked and cases have come forward where the information has been misused. Tor network came forward where the users were brought the power to hide themselves to avoid third-party software’s and companies to see your data. Now, what if the whole scenario is brought to decentralization? That is where BAT comes in. BAT means Basic Attention Token (although the word BAT in this context doesn’t have any relation with the word BAT itself).

The developers of the BAT token state that the digital advertising landscape is broken. In the current atmosphere, everybody is tracking everybody, and gross violations are being committed every day. The developers of this token want to combat exactly this problem. They plan to do this through a decentralized exchange token made possibly by the Brave browser, an open-source, fast, privacy-focused browser that blocks third-party ads and trackers, which is going to reward its publishers through a ledger system. The BAT token is basically a token for a decentralized ad exchange. The user is also benefitted in this setting as the user pays attention while the privacy of the user is protected all the while resulting in a higher yield of profit for advert agencies.

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BAT Token – Current Movement

The potential of this coin is certainly great. Furthermore, the BAT is being developed by the same person responsible for Mozilla Firefox and JavaScript. But the potential of this coin is not clearly being reflected in the market. The current value of the token, at the time of writing this article, is $0.7215 with a current trading volume of$229,523,507.03, an increase of 2.29% over the past twenty-four hours.   Before the April crash of the market, it reached its all-time high value of $1.5336 before coming down to its current value. It is being predicted that the BAT coin is going to reach a high of $1 pretty soon as the coin is seeing consolidated momentum with an ROI of 250%. It is currently ranked at 93 on coinamrketcap.

Is the project good for the long run?

The potential of the coin is somewhat positive by financial forecast websites with Digital Coin Price valuing the coin at $1.21 by 2022 and Wallet Investor having almost the same prediction with the value of $1.131 by 2022. Currently, there are 1.49B BATs in circulation with the market supply capped at 1.5B BATs.

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