How Does The Wee-Cig International (WCIG) Stock Price Increase By 36%?

The stock of Wee-Cig International Corp (OTCPINK: WCIG) closed up 36.17% to $0.1634 in the past session. A total of 210.11K shares traded during the session, with WCIG stock price ranging from $0.1350 to $0.1635. In response to adding a Nigerian artist to its subsidiary’s talent roaster, WCIG stock spiked.

Who has been added to WCIG?

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Holding and acquisition company Wee-Cig International is known for the ability to identify top technology companies in emerging markets and help them achieve success. The WCIG team continuously scours the technology landscape for the best investment opportunities. By leveraging extensive, decades-long industry relationships as well as management expertise, we target companies that can capitalize on unique business opportunities.

EZ365, a subsidiary of Wee-Cig, recently added Nigerian artist Crixtover Edwin to its roster of talented individuals. Edwin’s portraits will be available to a broader market of investors and collectors through WCIG’s EZ NFT division, which provides diverse opportunities to invest in the NFT sector.

Through the collaboration, Edwin’s paintings will be auctioned alongside their unique NFT counterparts, bridging physical and digital art worlds. A time frame for the first auction will be announced soon.

Known for his colorful portraits of women of color, black excellence, black culture, and love, Edwin’s work reflects a depth of passion and talent beyond his 25 years. He renders his subjects with such realism that his subjects seem to come alive. Edwin’s work creates a conversation between creativity and cultural identity as it celebrates black pop icons.

Having grown up in a generation deeply influenced by technology, Edwin’s artistic expression and connection to the art world has developed naturally through NFTs. In a short period of time, his recent foray into the world of NFT has generated buzz about his talent, style and meaningful portrayals of black excellence, well beyond Nigeria’s borders.

Wee-Cig announced last week that its “EZ365” will join forces with Toronto-based Matrix Mortgage Global to transform mortgage and real estate documentation into blockchain-enabled NFTs.

As Canada’s leading mortgage brokerage, Matrix Mortgage Global is led by CEO and Broker of Record Shawn Allen, who has won the Canadian Mortgages Inc. Broker of the Year award in the private lending category.

With the transition of physical documentation into NFT form, the first world will become more efficient, while the second world will see a reduced fee structure and easier access to critical players in real estate transactions. It will also be beneficial in other geographies, as NFT documentation will provide lasting, undisputed proof of ownership, minimizing genuine risks of forgery, theft, damage, and loss.

How will WCIG’s subsidiary move forward?

As part of the collaboration, Wee-Cig (WCIG) is building a system to mint key real estate documents with EZ NFT, which will support Matrix Mortgage Global in digitizing the mortgage process on the blockchain. In addition to this, mortgage deeds, identification, appraisals and inspection reports qualify as NFTs. In doing so, the documentation will be rendered immutable, proof-based, and non-fungible.

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