Who can join the Netflix Inc. (NFLX) advertising network?

Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) has launched an ad-supported version of its streaming video service. A shift in the dynamics of connecting new customers, as well as part of their outflow, led the corporation to take such a measure. Netflix is presently searching for advertising partners to launch new programs.

Roku Inc., (NASDAQ: ROKU) a hardware and software supplier, might be a prospective Netflix partner. Furthermore, speculations have circulated in the media that Netflix is interested in acquiring the company, although there has been no confirmation of this information.

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Roku may provide the streaming service with the same agreement it has with other content providers. This might involve attempting to obtain a percentage of advertising sales rather than a flat price for people who subscribe to the Netflix service via Roku.

Furthermore, Netflix may attract advertisements via the Roku platform. In any case, one of the ad content leaders might be the potential to increase Roku’s income.

Netflix Inc. (NFLX) is down -0.30 percent this week and -8.62 percent for the month. Its pricing has dropped -70.39 percent year to date and -66.57 percent in the last year.

The Trade Desk Inc. (TTD), which connects display ad buyers with linked TV premium advertising inventory, might be another benefit of Netflix’s advertising business. Netflix may also provide inventory to interested customers.

Trade Desk makes money by charging ad purchasers a percentage of the total amount spent on their site. Its income might rise if it has more premium ad inventory, such as through a deal with Netflix. Netflix’s yearly advertising budget in the United States and Canada is projected to be over $2.5 billion. Trade Desk is entitled to a portion of such money.

Another glance at the TTD stock price reveals that it is trading +10.03 percent higher than its three-month low. In a broader sense, the stock is -62.01 percent below its 52-week high and 10.03 percent above its 52-week low.

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