Time For A Reality Check: Bill.com Holdings Inc. (BILL)

Bill.com Holdings Inc. (NYSE: BILL), a financial technology business, has released a strong report for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2022. Strong revenue growth and a favorable projection drove a 16.66% increase in BILL prices to $174.29 at trading on August 19. The market cap stood at $15.58 billion.

Bill.com’s revenue increased 151% year on year to $200.2 million in the fourth quarter that ended June 30, with organic revenue increasing 71% and payments service revenue increasing 201%.

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Revenue increased 169% year on year to $642 million for the whole fiscal year. Sales of subscriptions surged 73% to $193.5 million. The loss, however, quadrupled to $326.4 million, or $3.21 per share. This is attributable, among other things, to a rise in the number of payments handled.

So, in the fourth quarter, Bill.com handled 10.5 million payments for its clients, a 28% increase over the previous year. The results considerably outperformed Wall Street’s expectations.

By the conclusion of the fiscal year, Bill.com’s customer base had grown to 400,000 businesses. Bill.com was able to provide a good prognosis for the current fiscal year 2023 due to audience increase. The business now anticipates a sales rise of 49-52% in the range of $955.5-973 million. Non-GAAP earnings are expected to be in the $0.23-0.38 range per share.

Bill.com has its own AI-powered platform for quickly processing payments, updating invoices, and streamlining financial data transfer and sync. Its benefit is the ease with which it can interact with multiple financial systems, accounting systems, and other applications. 

Bill.com’s solutions are sold via a SaaS subscription model. The market for cost management tools for small and medium-sized businesses is one of Bill.com’s potential sectors.

The stock has a year-to-date performance of -30.91%. Its seven-day performance, on the other hand, is 13.71%. The stock price index has grown by 43.20% in the last month and by 65.00% in the last three months. Its six-month performance was -16.57%, and its 52-week performance was -20.74%.

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