Were There Any Significant Reasons Why The SkyWater (SKYT) Stock Increased After-Hours Session?

Shares of SkyWater Technology Inc. (SKYT) were up 2.81% at $11.69 at the time of the most recent check in after-hours trading following the delivery of a new chip.

What kind of chip has SKYT provided?

The first silicon wafers containing Weebit’s integrated Resistive Random-Access Memory (ReRAM) module have been delivered to Weebit from SkyWater’s U.S. production fab, according to a statement made yesterday by Weebit Nano Limited and SkyWater (SKYT). Weebit ReRAM silicon wafers were received from a production fab for the first time ever, marking a significant step toward SkyWater’s commercialization of the technology.

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Customers may easily use this cutting-edge non-volatile memory (NVM) for the development of their system-on-chip (SoC) designs because Weebit ReRAM manufacturing is now proven with common tools and a mature process flow. After being cut into chips and packed, the silicon wafers will be tested and certified.

Prior to commercial orders and volume manufacturing, the chips, which were made using SKYT’s 130nm CMOS process, will be utilized for customer demos, testing, and prototyping. This will give customers the confidence to begin building SoCs employing these ReRAM modules.

For billions of devices built for automotive, industrial, and consumer applications, SkyWater’s 130 nm technology has proved dependable. Due to its ability to combine both digital and analog circuit performance with integrated NVM for a variety of SoC architectures, the automotive-grade, extended temperature, mixed-signal CMOS platform is ideally suited for IoT and edge computing.

Weebit has now received ReRAM wafers from a production fab for the first time, marking a significant step towards commercialization that was completed on schedule thanks to its strong collaboration with SKYT. These businesses can now clearly see the benefits that the technology may offer thanks to the demonstration chips that SkyWater created by adding the ReRAM module from Weebit.

How SKYT makes difference?

SkyWater (SKYT) collaborates with clients to co-create solutions using cutting-edge designs, materials, and integration strategies as part of its Technology-as-a-Service business model. Customers from a wide range of industries may use the innovative new NVM Weebit ReRAM to differentiate their SoCs. IoT, power management, and mixed-signal ICs are just a few of the applications that SKYT views as having significant interest in the technology. Future-leaning, Weebit ReRAM is a rich building block for hybrid architectures that can be dynamically integrated into a novel and creative ways, offering a promising opportunity for businesses wishing to realize innovative ideas. In SkyWater’s U.S. production fab, full qualification of the highly integrated demo chips is anticipated to be finished by the middle of 2023.

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