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InfoBird Co (IFBD) Stock Surges in Epic Market Correction

In a captivating turn of events, InfoBird Co (NASDAQ: IFBD), a groundbreaking technology firm, has sent shockwaves through the stock market with an epic after-market price surge.

The company’s stock has skyrocketed, leaving both experts and enthusiasts in awe of its meteoric rise. This unprecedented phenomenon has reshaped the financial landscape, garnering widespread attention and signaling a new era of potential in the technology sector.

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IFBD Surges in the After-Hours

The AI-based SaaS provider, InfoBird Co., Ltd (IFBD), after a stagnant trade session earlier in the day rose from $1.21 to $1.61 in a matter of hours, after the end of the day.

Earlier in the month, the stock had been seeing a plummet due to negative sentiment in the market, shedding more than half of its price in less than a month.

Together, these developments pushed IFBD deep into undervalued territory, as a result of which momentum and RSI indicators each continue to point to a stellar price climb. The result is a tremendous bullish rise driving up IFBD price, in a swift market correction.

InfoBird Share Consolidation

Recently, IFBD underwent a share consolidation aimed at meeting compliance requirements and maintaining the company’s listing. Under the consolidation, every five existing shares with a par value of US$0.005 were converted into one share with a par value of US$0.025.

Fractional shares had been approximated to the nearest whole number. The share consolidation had a uniform impact on all shareholders, maintaining their respective percentage interests in the company’s outstanding ordinary shares. T

The only adjustments made were done to account for fractional shares resulting from the consolidation process.


InfoBird Co has made waves in the stock market with an astounding after-market price surge, as a result of a remarkable upward price correction.

The recent share consolidation, aimed at compliance and maintaining the company’s listing, uniformly impacted shareholders while preserving their respective interests.

As InfoBird Co continues its upward trajectory, market observers eagerly anticipate the future potential of this groundbreaking AI firm.

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