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Udemy (UDMY) Stock Was Up Ticking On Friday, Why?

Udemy, Inc. (NASDAQ: UDMY) witnessed a remarkable surge of 38.03% in its stock price during the trading session on Friday, ultimately closing at $12.45. This upswing in Udemy’s stock can be attributed to the release of a data report by the company.

Udemy (UDMY) unveiled its 2024 Global Learning & Skills Trends Report last week. This report discerned the predominant themes and the most sought-after competencies that are expected to influence the workforce’s trajectory in 2024 and beyond. This annual report, drawing insights from Udemy’s extensive network of nearly 15,000 corporate clients, elucidates the pivotal investments that organizations must undertake to safeguard the adaptability of their workforce.

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These investments encompass a transition towards a skills-centric economy, the assimilation of generative AI, and an intensified emphasis on leadership development. In our contemporary business landscape, leaders are increasingly adopting a skills-oriented approach to attain superior business outcomes in a swiftly evolving world. Data from UDMY reveals that organizations are making substantial commitments to enhance the competencies of their workforce in generative AI.

This endeavor aims to enhance productivity, bolster technical proficiencies, and nurture strong leadership abilities. These measures are pivotal as businesses navigate the transformative shift towards a skill-centric organizational paradigm that embraces the potential of artificial intelligence. As the pace of innovation quickens, many enterprises grapple with the challenge of addressing the expanding skills gap, which is anticipated to lead to a talent deficit of 85 million workers by 2030.

To bridge these gaps and cultivate a more flexible workforce, Udemy has identified three critical areas for investment as companies lay the groundwork for the upcoming year. As organizations continue to embrace the promises of generative AI and other swiftly evolving innovations, they must also contend with significant disruptions in employee roles, work processes, and the very nature of their operations.

Effective change leadership becomes imperative in this context. Skills such as resilience and adept leadership through periods of change acquire heightened significance as we navigate and embrace these transformative disruptions. This year’s report also spotlights the competencies experiencing the most substantial growth percentages.

Some of these competencies were previously relatively obscure, such as “ChatGPT,” while others, like “advertising strategy,” have been under Udemy’s watchful eye over consecutive years. All of them have exhibited remarkable percentage growth in utilization over the past year.

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