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A Publication Took Cardio Diagnostics (CDIO) Stock 123% Higher

Shares of Cardio Diagnostics Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDIO) experienced a remarkable surge of 123.23%, reaching a conclusive value of $2.21 in the last trading session. This substantial increase ensued following the public disclosure of a newly unveiled detection system by Cardio Diagnostics.

Yesterday, Cardio Diagnostics (CDIO) formally disclosed a groundbreaking research endeavor in the esteemed Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA), recognized as the official journal of the American Heart Association. This collaborative study was conducted in partnership with Intermountain Healthcare and University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

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The study articulates the conception and validation of PrecisionCHD. PrecisionCHD stands as an avant-garde artificial intelligence-guided integrated genetic-epigenetic test specifically designed for the identification of coronary heart disease (CHD). The article was titled “The Validation of an Integrated Genetic-Epigenetic Test for the Assessment of Coronary Heart Disease.”

It unveils a substantial advancement in CHD diagnostic capabilities. Conventional diagnostic approaches for CHD often necessitate invasiveness, exposure to ionizing radiation, and encounter limitations in accessibility due to specialized infrastructure requirements. Moreover, some diagnostic procedures lack sensitivity across all CHD variations and may incur significant costs.

Consequently, a considerable number of Americans are deprived of timely and potentially life-saving cardiac care. The advent of PrecisionCHD introduces a formidable, scalable, and non-invasive alternative—a blood-based test utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) alongside personalized genetic and epigenetic data to sensitively detect the presence of CHD.

The article meticulously delineates the correlation of each MSdPCR assay with distinct modifiable drivers of CHD. This affords clinicians personalized insights into the CHD presentation of each patient. Furthermore, recognizing the dynamic nature of methylation, clinicians can contemplate targeted retesting to evaluate the efficacy of CHD therapy.

Dr. Robert Philibert, MD Ph.D., the lead author and Chief Medical Officer of Cardio Diagnostics, deems this development a transformative force in Personalized Cardiovascular Care. He underscores the test’s differentiating features, highlighting the absence of patient exposure to ionizing radiation or potentially harmful contrast dye, setting it apart from other CHD testing methodologies.

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