Dynamic Trading Session Sees Semilux (SELX) Stock Soar Today

Semilux International Ltd. (NASDAQ: SELX) shares are experiencing a notable upsurge of 13.34% in the ongoing trading session, reaching $2.04. This upward movement in Semilux stock is attributable to a recent research and development (R&D) initiative.

Semilux (SELX) has unveiled its commencement of an R&D endeavor in collaboration with academic institutions and scholars from Taiwan’s universities. The primary objective is the joint development of an advanced domestic solid-state LiDAR module tailored for automotive applications.

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Endorsed by the National Science and Technology Council in Taiwan, this initiative stands at the vanguard of R&D and application concerning the Optical Phased Array (OPA), a pivotal domain within LiDAR technology anticipated to revolutionize the autonomous driving sector.

This initiative aims to address the shortcomings inherent in current OPA technology pertaining to solid-state automotive LiDAR modules. Scheduled for completion by 2025, the Program is delineated into three phases. These encompass research and development endeavors focusing on the Innovative OPA-Based Chip, aimed at spearheading innovative advancements in OPA technology integrated with silicon photonics circuitry.

Concurrently, efforts will be directed towards developing the OPA-based chip as an integral constituent of solid-state LiDAR modules. Professor Wood-Hi Cheng and his research team from National Chung Hsing University will be concentrating on devising a systematic solution for designing and manufacturing solid-state LiDAR modules for vehicular applications.

Subsequently, the reliability and efficacy of these modules will undergo rigorous testing and validation through extensive real-world trials conducted on mini electric buses within the premises of National Chung Hsing University. Contributions to this program extend beyond National Chung Hsing University, encompassing experts from Turing Drive and the Industrial Technology Research Institute.

Anticipated new products resulting from this initiative are slated for preliminary implementation within the railway system in limited quantities by 2024. Official product launches are scheduled for 2026, with applications spanning autonomous vehicles and low-speed logistics sectors such as automated guided vehicles in semiconductor and other high-tech manufacturing facilities.

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