Market Momentum Builds For GSI Technology (GSIT) As New Solutions Hit Production

The shares of GSI Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: GSIT) are currently experiencing a notable surge of 29.59%, reaching $4.42 per share amidst current market session. This increase in GSIT stock value correlates with recent developments concerning the rollout of innovative solutions.

GSI Technology (GSIT) has formally disclosed the commencement of production for two advanced server products boasting high capacity and low power consumption. Pioneering the Associative Processing Unit (APU), GSIT introduces a groundbreaking approach to artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC), presenting authentic compute-in-memory technology.

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The newly introduced Leda-E and Leda-S boards are integrated with the Gemini-I APU, demonstrating impressive capabilities of 1.2 POPs at 80W and 800 TOPs at 40W, respectively. These cutting-edge server offerings are accessible as either a single 2U server equipped with eight Leda-E boards, delivering 10 POPs, or a 1U server housing sixteen Leda-S boards, resulting in a total of 13 POPs.

GSI’s genuine compute-in-memory technology has exhibited distinctive prowess in extensive database searches involving billions of items and demanding compute tasks like facial recognition, drug discovery, Opensearch, and object detection and re-identification. The remarkably low full server power consumption of 1.2kW for these formidable systems opens avenues for utilizing the 1U server in mobile or remote environments.

In studies conducted by Cornell University, standalone versions of the Gemini-I have showcased a six-fold enhancement in performance over the Xeon CPU for seed location filtering in DNA read mapping. Similarly, cryptographic applications, such as high-throughput hash-based security protocols, have demonstrated comparable performance between the Gemini-I and the A100, as evidenced by research conducted at Northern Arizona University (NAU).

NAU’s analysis suggests that an 8-card APU server presents compelling potential for further assessment, primarily due to its compact form factor within a 2U server compared to an equivalent A100 GPU system. Server systems incorporating GSI’s production-grade Gemini-I APU chip are bundled with an application development compiler and offer options for further customization, including Real-Time Fast Back Projection software or Fast Vector Search support.

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