Market Response: Sensus Healthcare (SRTS) Reports Strong Performance, Stock Rises

In the wake of the disclosure of its financial outcomes, Sensus Healthcare, Inc. (NASDAQ: SRTS) is witnessing a significant surge of 18.64% in its stock prices, currently trading at $4.52 as per the latest check during the current session.

With the declaration of its fiscal results, Sensus Healthcare (SRTS) has unveiled robust performance figures, marked by a revenue surge of over threefold and the attainment of a considerable profit, effectively overturning the net loss recorded in the previous year as clientele adapt to the prevailing macroeconomic circumstances. During the specified reporting period, Sensus Healthcare recorded revenues amounting to $10.7 million, reflecting a notable escalation of 214%.

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This commendable performance underscores the sustained momentum of its operations as customers increasingly recognize the significance of superficial radiotherapy (SRT) in treating non-melanoma skin cancer, owing to its non-invasive nature and high efficacy. Moreover, customers are benefiting from a variety of sales options, including the recently introduced Fair Deal Agreement, which complements the existing fair market value lease program.

The net income stands at $2.3 million, accompanied by the shipment of 26 systems by Sensus Healthcare, a substantial increase compared to the 10 systems shipped during the same quarter last year. Furthermore, Sensus Healthcare facilitated the sale of an SRT-100 system to Chavat Da’at, the Veterinary Specialist Referral Center Knowledge Farm at Beit Verl College in Tel Aviv, catering to the need for a gentler radiotherapy solution for treating tumors in canines and felines.

This transaction marks the inaugural commercial sale of the SRT-100 for veterinary purposes outside the United States. Established in 2007 at Beit Berl College, the Veterinary Specialist Referral Center Knowledge Farm offers imaging services (ultrasound, CT, and radiographs), general orthopedic soft tissue services, and veterinary oncology services to general veterinary practitioners and their clientele.

Additionally, an Emergency and Critical Care Center, operational round-the-clock, was established shortly thereafter. The Knowledge Farm stands as the largest private Veterinary Specialty Referral Center in Israel, boasting a team of over 20 board-certified specialists and emergency physicians, along with more than 30 qualified veterinary technicians and support staff.

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