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Friday, March 5, 2021

Trevor Bawerman



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Your Today’s Wake-Up Call: Rent-A-Center Inc. [RCII]

Rent-A-Center Inc (RCII) provides electronic and equipment rentals to public venues. The company's stock is at 52-week highs. Investments in Rent-A-Center in the Internet-rental...

Alphabet (GOOGL) shuts down cell tower alternative Loon

Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc‎ (NASDAQ: GOOGL) ‎ is shutting Loon after concluding that the idea behind Loon was viable but not anymore. Founded...

Domo Stock Rose Nearly 75% Since Posting Quarterly Results This Month

Powerful third-quarter results were posted by cloud computing software provider Domo Inc. (DOMO). The news contributed to the rise of the company's stock, and...

Pioneer Power (PPSI) Stock Rallies after the Dispute with Myers Power Products Ends

The dispute between both parties has finally ended and all the previous injunctions have been eliminated. Shares of Pioneer Power Solutions, Inc. (PPSI) are pushing...
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