What caused the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) stock to gain after-hours?

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) stock is gaining in the after-market after starting a joint venture with Mastercard. MSFT stock is trading at $280.72, gaining more than 2.4% from the previous close. MSFT stock previously closed at $274.03 with a trading volume of 28.85 million shares. Global Software Products Industry Microsoft is an American tech giant […]

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Announces Expansion of its Cloud gaming to Xbox

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) is about to embark on a major milestone with its Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming service when its consoles support it later this year. The company announced this during its gamescom 2021 online event on Tuesday, announcing new games that would also be available in its subscription service. Shares of MSFT, which have […]

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Has Won A $22 Billion Contract To Build IVAS For The US Army

US Army has awarded Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) a contract to make augmented reality headsets IVAS for soldiers. CNBC reported, citing a Microsoft representative, that the Microsoft Corporation will sell over 120 thousand devices in the next ten years, and the contract has a value of up to $ 21.88 billion. On this news, Microsoft Corporation’s (MSFT) shares […]