Set Your Sights On Cinedigm Corp. (CIDM)’s Upside Potential

Recently, Cinedigm Corp. (CIDM), the streaming service and content provider, announced a new streaming video channel called Fantawild. Cinedigm shares climbed nearly 9% on April 26. CIDM shares cost $1.52 on April 27.

The share price of CIDM Stock increased 176.36% over the past 12 months. The stock price gained 29.91% during the last five trades and declined -10.06% in the last 30 trades. While the share price was up by 164.35% in the last six months, its price had increased by 12.59% during the previous three months.

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Fantawild is a new channel that will have content from a popular Asian animation studio. Boonie Bears is a popular franchise of the studio (Bony Bears). Furthermore, the company also earns money through the sale of branded goods in addition to showing films. Using Fantawild’s dedicated streaming channel at Cinedigm, Fantawild is helping the Fantawild Animation team gain traction in North America.

Fantawild is a linear streaming channel supported by ad-based content, and users do not play content on demand. While waiting for the release of Boonie Bears: The Wild Life, fans can order the movie via the Fantawild channel.

Cinedigm is a relatively small company with less than $400 million a year (by 2020). Fantawild Animation is one of the biggest studios in the world, so attracting their partnership can play a significant role in one’s sales. Although Boonie Bears is highly popular in Asia, especially in China, there is a chance that it may not find long-term success in North America. As a result, Cinedigm is likely to require additional marketing investment. A balance needs to be found between income and expenses at Cinedigm.

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