How did Cricut Inc.’s (CRCT) stock perform in the last quarter?

Cricut Inc. (CRCT), a manufacturer of paper handling equipment, released its first-quarter report last week. The increase in CRCT stock by 22.70 %, to $ 24.54, was driven by strong performance and significant audience growth. Cricut’s revenue increased by 125.3 % during the past quarter compared to last year to $ 323.8 million. A 140.6 […]

Set Your Sights On Cinedigm Corp. (CIDM)’s Upside Potential

Recently, Cinedigm Corp. (CIDM), the streaming service and content provider, announced a new streaming video channel called Fantawild. Cinedigm shares climbed nearly 9% on April 26. CIDM shares cost $1.52 on April 27. The share price of CIDM Stock increased 176.36% over the past 12 months. The stock price gained 29.91% during the last five […]

The stock XPO Logistics (XPO) is poised to break out in the near future

According to XPO Logistics (XPO) management, the XPO stock may recover from the crisis much faster than expected. In addition to the expansion of e-commerce and the revival of industrial production, several future trends will affect the XPO stock’s business positively. According to XPO Logistics management, the US GDP will grow approximately 10% this year. […]

Cleveland Biolabs, Inc. (CBLI) down another 5%, Here’s why

Cleveland Biolabs, Inc. (CBLI) is down another 5% in pre-market trading on Thursday after losing 5.9% in the regular trading session on Wednesday. The declines came after the company announced publication of the next Generation Deimmunized TLR5 Agonist, GP532. About Cleveland Biolabs Inc. Cleveland Biolabs Inc. was founded in 2003, and has its headquarters in […]

Despite Stringent Antitrust Regulations, Alibaba Had Been Fined $2.8 Billion For Its Antitrust Violations

Jack Ma’s company Alibaba (BABA) will have to pay the Chinese authorities record fines. A study by the China Ministry of Commerce showed that Alibaba Restricted Competition, Violates Seller Rights, and Hurts Consumers. China’s antimonopoly regulators have fined Alibaba $ 2.78 billion, reports The Wall Street Journal. China’s State Administration for Market Control also publishes a […]

Are the Green Dot Corporation (GDOT) shares in growth territory?

AMZN Stock

For Green Dot Corporation (GDOT), the past 12 months have seen a 194% gain. Despite the difficult times, the banking industry has generally faced, Green Dot is now continuing to grow through new services, despite the difficulty. Providing prepaid debit cards, and e-banking portal, and a money transfer platform, Green Dot has expanded to other […]

Putting The Spotlight On Oracle Corporation (ORCL)

XOM Stock

In the last week, Barclays Bank moved up its rating for software maker Oracle Corporation (ORCL). ORCL’s stock increased as a result of this a week before the report. ORCL closed at $72.16 on March 8. On a year-to-date basis (YTD) basis, Oracle Corporation’s (NYSE: ORCL) shares are 12.29% up. In the most recent session, […]

AstraZeneca plc (AZN) Welcomes European Green Light For Its Coronavirus Vaccine

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Coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca plc (NASDAQ: AZN) and Oxford University have been approved by the European Medicines Agency for people aged 18 and over.  Particularly, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) suggests that the AstraZeneca vaccine against coronavirus has been evaluated as safe and effective, and unanimously recommends its conditional approval by the European Commission. […]

Does Cloudera Inc (CLDR) offer investors safety?

ClouderaInc (CLDR), a provider of advanced analytics and machine learning solutions, announced on January 27 that it had received SOC 2 certification, allowing it to take on larger customer projects with stricter data protection standards. It is a requirement established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) for highly regulated businesses to achieve […]

FDA Accepts Precision BioSciences Inc (DTIL) PBCAR19B for treatment of NHL Disease

Precision BioSciences Inc (DTIL), a clinical biotech firm, recently announced that FDA has accepted its application for PBCAR19B as an Investigation New Drug (IND). PBCAR19B is tailored to be the next generation drug having stealth cell and CD19 capabilities and will target patients suffering from Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma(NHL). The company was very pleased to receive the […]