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Nike Inc. (NKE) Stock Exhibited Minor Volatility Following Disclosure of Financial Reports for Q1 2022

Nike Inc. (NKE) stock prices were down by 6.62% some time after market trading commenced on September 24th, 2021. This brought the price per share down to USD$149.07 early on in the trading day.

NKE Stock’s Promising Quarter

NKE stock reported an increase in revenues of 12 percent on a currency-neutral basis. The company reported healthy growth across all channels, led by NIKE Direct growth of 25 percent. This increase was largely facilitated by the steady normalization of owned physical retail, which grew by 24 percent. These reports exceeded pre-pandemic levels from the first quarter of fiscal 2020. NIKE Brand Digital business continued strong growth, up by 25%, led by a 43% growth in North America. The growth company is faced with a market opportunity that surpasses anything the company has had before.

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Revenue Breakdown

The company’s revenues were up by 16% as compared to the prior year quarter, coming in at USD$12.2 billion. NIKE Brand revenues came in at USD$11.6 billion, representing a 12% year over year increase on a currency neutral basis. This yearly increase was largely driven by NIKE Direct’s double digit growth in North America, APLA, and EMEA. Revenues generated from Converse were reported at USD$629 million, representing a 7% year over year increase on a currency neutral basis. This improvement was facilitated by improved performance in Direct to consumer in both Europe and North America.

Stellar Liquidity Position

NKE Stock’s inventories were reported at USD$6.7 billion, representing no change as compared to the prior year quarter. This stability was largely driven by strong consumer demand during the first quarter of fiscal 2022. Any potential increase was partially offset by elevated in-transit inventories resulting from extended lead times from ongoing supply chain disruptions. The company reported a solid liquidity position as of the end of the first quarter of fiscal 2022. Q1 2022 saw the company announce cash and equivalents, and short term investments in the amount of USD$13.7 billion. This is up from the USD$4.2 billion from the prior year quarter.

Future Outlook for NKE Stock

The company reported a promising quarter, as evidenced by the strength of its financial reports for the start of the fiscal 2022 year. NKE stock is bolstered by the momentum generated over the first half of the fiscal year 2022. Current and potential investors are hopeful that management will be able to leverage the resources at their disposal. This is hoped to result in significant and sustained increases in shareholder value.

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