ZIVO Bioscience, Inc. (ZIVO) stock soared in Intraday trading: Here’s Why

MRIN Stock

Shares of the ZIVO Bioscience, Inc. (ZIVO) stock soared in the intraday trading today on September 24, 2021. ZIVO stock price saw a surge of 62.32% to reach $5.60 a share at the time of this writing. The trading volume as of now was 51,312,776, far higher than the average trading volume. Let’s understand the […]

Will Trias bounce and break $10 soon?


TRIAS Price movement Trias at the time of writing is standing at a price of $6.9. This is a decrease of 3.81% from the last 24 hours. Trias has a very limited supply of only 1.6M tokens in circulation with a total of 10M coins as a max supply. It had created its ATH around […]

Why is Capricor Therapeutics, Inc. (CAPR) stock Popping High Today?

Capricor Therapeutics, Inc. (CAPR) stock popped high today after it announced positive final data from its Phase 2 HOPE-2 Trial. CAPR stock price saw a push of 16.53% to reach $5.85 a share as of this writing. The stock went up in the previous trade by 3.29% at closing. Capricor Therapeutics, Inc is the biotech […]

How can TRB Coin behave if the Market stays Stable


Price Past movement Tellor  (TRB) coin currently stands at one-fourth the price of its all-time high. At the time of writing TRB stands at the price of $43.73 with a decrease of 6.57% in the last 24 hours and a decrease of 15.18% from the monthly close. According to the trading volume, it stands at […]

Telcoin (TEL) is still Lagging Behind


Slow Growth after the crash Telcoin has been the slow gainer in the market after the crash. Before the drop TEL had an amazing run in the market and made a fortune for a lot of people. Most coins have recovered a huge portion that they lost in value after the BTC dropped down. Even […]