Perp – Where can the price go?


Perp being ranked at number 86 according to coinmarketcap data is being traded at around $17.80 at the moment. The coin has has an increase of almost 0.48% within the last 24 hours. The high within this the price reached was $18.13 and the low was marked at $16.62. The coin has a trading volume […]

Polkadot (DOT) coin to go into Price Discovery Soon?

ZIL coin

Technical Analysis The price of DOT coin is quite clear at the moment. Talking about the past movement, the market has been in a bullish move from around 21st July. This bullish move was confirmed when the candle of 1st August broke the previous structure to the upside. Afterwards, the price has been continuously pushing […]

Link coin to achieve ATH again?


Technical Analysis: The price action in the recent phase of Link coin is neither bullish nor bearish. The market is more of a consolidation phase. From around 7th of August till date it is completely range bounded. Now on a larger scale, both early buyers and sellers might have been taken out, as on the […]

Decentralized Mobile Payment System – Celo

ZIL coin

I’ve talked about this before that how different projects targeted different fields and the first one to enter the market had the chances to create a major market holding there. One such market is the phone industry. People use different apps to send money to one another and these apps have brought easiness to the […]

Will Trias bounce and break $10 soon?


TRIAS Price movement Trias at the time of writing is standing at a price of $6.9. This is a decrease of 3.81% from the last 24 hours. Trias has a very limited supply of only 1.6M tokens in circulation with a total of 10M coins as a max supply. It had created its ATH around […]

VeChain Price Action and Past Movement


VeChain is a blockchain supply chain platform. VeChain aims to distribute distributed governance and IOT’s among masses to solve major supply chain problems. VET has tapped an industry that has a lot of potential fundamentally. The platform uses VET and VTHO as tokens to handle itself. What is VeChain price action? At the time of […]

Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. (ONTX) Skyrockets after Promising Lung Cancer Data Trials

Investors react vigorously to the positive outcomes from Onconova Therapeutics’ (ONTX) novel lung cancer treatment– Phase 1/2a trial of oral rigosertib. ONTX shares escalated up to 30% in the pre-trading on September 22, 2021. Onconova Therapeutics (ONTX) stock has been trading side ways since June 2021. The stock has suffered following its momentous trading month […]

Biotech Stocks to Buy to Start the Week

JNJ Stock

Biotechnology (biotech) refers to the use of microbes and cellular biology in health-related research and development. It is not just therapies that biotechnology companies develop. Many fields are embracing biotech, including healthcare, medicine, and related processes. Investing in biotechnology stocks involves a risk because companies spend a lot of time and resources developing drugs that […]

Here’s Why General Motors (GM) can Beat the Pack

General Motors (GM) will make another significant investment to boost its innovative automotive business. Particularly, SolidEnergy Systems (SES), a lithium battery manufacturer, will cooperate with the company. The collaboration will see the companies develop an advanced battery with an increased range as part of the partnership. GM and SES claim they will start building a […]